About Us

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Dragom is a small independent studio that focuses on software for Tabletop and Pen & Paper games, although we may branch out in the future as we have many great ideas to explore.

MWMDragon is the owner and lead designer at Dragom, but we often hire contractors and play testers to ensure our products are well rounded. It allows us to scale our team to include influences from all areas of the game development world.

We take customer suggestions very seriously and you will find many of our software updates will say “As Requested” in the patch notes. We understand that without our customers we would not be where we are today, and with that we want to make sure we are always listening to their input. Customers are urged to give us feedback in the software’s Steam forum area as that is where we go when we are looking for the next set of updates to be completed.

Being a smaller development studio means it may take us a bit longer to get everything done, but we have a dedicated team that can really dig in and complete updates in a short time frame. You may notice that we release updates often and use Facebook to keep an open line of communication with our customers, we value your feedback!